Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on the free version?

With the Free version of BeeNvoice, you can create up to 5 customer records. Also, the BeeNvoice advertisement ("Created on") will be added to the documents. There are no other limitations of any kind.

Does BeeNvoice work with my currency?

Yes, BeeNvoice can create the invoices in any currency in the World.

Can I create invoices with VAT (sales tax, or any other tax)?

Absolutely. Even the most complex taxation models in the World are covered (e.g. two different taxes can be applied to the same invoice).

Can I create the invoices in my language?

Yes, at the moment, you can switch between 20 languages, or you can translate each and every invoice element yourself.

Is the user interface available in languages other than English?

Yes, at the moment you can switch between 20 languages, and the additional languages can be added per request.

Do you provide support?

The live chat support is available for the Pro plan users from 9AM to 5PM (Central European Time). The email support is available to everyone.

Do I need to install anything?

No. BeeNvoice is a browser-based tool (it works on any device, in any operating system)

Can I generate an invoice in PDF format?

Absolutely. You can download the PDF document, or email the link with the downloadable document to the customer. The invoice status will be automatically changed to "Seen" when the invoice link is accessed by the customer.

Can I import my data into BeeNvoice?

You can import the customer data from an Excel or CSV document. It is not possible to import the data directly from another invoicing software. To transfer the previous invoices to BeeNvoice, you would need to create them one by one.

Can I Can I create the proposals/estimates/proforma invoices?my data into BeeNvoice?

Yes. When the proposal is accepted by the customer, you can convert it to the invoice with a single click.

What do I need to use BeeNvoice?

Any browser on a working PC, laptop or a mobile device connected to the internet will do.

Can I manage two or more businesses in the same BeeNvoice account?

No, you will need the separate accounts.

Can I integrate BeeNvoice with other software?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. BeeNvoice is not API open at the moment. If you have the suggestions about the software that you would like to integrate BeeNvoice with, please contact us with as much details as possible.

Are you using a secure SSL connection?

Yes, we use SSL with a digital certificate.

What is a secure SSL connection?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. for Secure Socket Layer. It's the technology that keeps an internet connection secure and safeguards the sensitive data being sent between two systems, preventing anyone from reading and modifying any information transferred (including personal details).

Is your application secure from intrusions?

Yes, it is protected by many levels of security.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade to the Pro plan, or downgrade to the Free plan at any moment. Please note that the refunds are not available when downgrading to the Free plan: you will have the access to the Pro features until your subscription period expires.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.