BeeNvoice Features

Invoices and proposals customized with your logo, colors and fonts. Discounts, taxes, payment reminders and many more. No installation and software to maintain.

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BeeNvoice Multi-Device

Your Own Branding

Create the stunting invoices and proposals with your company logo, combined with the fonts and colors of your choice. 

Ready for the World

Wherever on the Planet you are, BeeNvoice will work with your currency, create the documents and display the user interface in your language.

Fully Customizable

Need to add the TAX ID numbers, Business entity ID's, disclaimers and Terms & Conditions? Don't worry, we got everything covered.

Invoice in under a minute

Creating the invoices is fast, easy and intuitive. An average invoice can be created in under a minute, and sent to the customer in a second.

Invoice seen notifications

You will be notified when a link with the invoice is accessed by the customer, so you can follow-up at the perfect moment to get paid.

Proposals / Estimates 

Create the professionally looking Proposals / Estimates / Proforma invoices. When accepted, convert them to invoices with one click.


Three different levels of discounting are available, and each of them can be configured separately.

Two levels of taxation

Even the most complex World's taxation models are covered. Adding VAT or Sales Tax are the routine tasks.

Recurring invoices

BeeNvoice can automatically create the recurring invoices each month, or in a number of months of your choice.

Add payments to invoices

Assign the payments to the corresponding invoices, mark underpaid and overpaid invoices, add the custom comments to each payment.

Late Payment reminders

Pre-write the auto-reminder email, and BeeNvoice will send it to the customers up to three times (on the selected days after the due date).

Multiple users

You can invite the unlimited number of your co-workers, employees, accountants or associates to access your account with your credentials.